Friday, May 1, 2015

Heads Up...Portlandia

I am heading to Portland to take a much need break from my brain and to play with my family.  I was able to snag 2 tickets to a talk by David Sedaris.  As an author he is a special cup of tea and not flavored for all...but, I like his irreverent look at his own history and the world around him.  Come to find out my younger DIL is also a fan which means HH got a pass, LOL...which he is not sad about!  Since, I am an avid reader an "author talk" gives me the same feeling as if I had a $100 gift card to a quilt store!!  Thoroughly enjoyable!

I finished piecing my May 101 Fabulous Small Quilts Challenge
 sponsored by Huckleberry Stitches.
I decided to make it an ode to Abe Lincoln.  I think I want to do a little more quilting.  I also need to wipe off the chalk on my border and bind it...wonder what next month's challenge will be???

As I wrap up each week I look at the highs and lows...on a world scale...the earthquake in Nepal is tragic and although it is far away I feel so bad for them.  It makes my small pains and worries seem so insignificant.  And, so I wake up each day and count my blessings and try to share those blessings in appreciation for the world I live in.  Have a wonderful weekend and week.  I will be off the blog grid for a week but we can stay connected through Instagram...I'll be hanging there :).  See you back here on May 11th...and I am thinking we haven't had a Give Away in a long time!!