Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Well, I did it!  I scheduled a day just to hang out in my sewing room!!!  A "Me" day...and my friend was was what the doctor ordered.  It had been over 3 weeks since I had sat at my sewing machine and I really missed it.  I popped a book on CD in my player and I started stitching.  I have decided to schedule a "me" day on my calendar.  HH was so sweet...because he knew how important this day was to me.  So, he drove back and forth to the next town with papers that had to be signed and delivered so I didn't have to leave the house :)  Now, that is love!

I have a dream of finishing this quilt before December so I can hang it up for Christmas.  What is your #1 project that you want to finish this year?  I have so many I want to finish but this is definitely my numero uno.

I have reached the first hurdle and have finished all the wool applique blocks!!  Now on the agenda is to make all the pieced blocks...yikes!

It was so nice to putter around my sewing room.  I worked on my May 101 Small Quilt project and then started sewing the blocks together into rows for the Non-Woolie Woolie Challenge.  Afterwards, I decided to chose a new Wool project to begin working on...sweet.  Yes, I highly recommend a "Me" Day!