Monday, April 20, 2015

The Novel Idea , Quilt Slide Show & A Movie Review

I's Monday and if I am going to do a book and movie review it usually happens on schedule is either ahead of itself or behind...I am not sure which, LOL.

I can't believe it but my movie review is about the movie Wild...this is funny because I was not going to see this movie because I really didn't like the book!!! The book drove me crazy.  I found myself wanting to scream at Cheryl!  But, I guess it was because I was reading it as a senior citizen and she was writing about when she was in her 20's.  Truth be told, if I could, I would be screaming at my 20 year old self also.  Anyhoo, HH was interested in the movie since a portion of it was filmed locally.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie and in fact had a new found empathy for her that I was not able to  round up while reading the book.

The book review is limited but I couldn't wait to show you the quilt show!  Each year Deschutes County Library selects one book to share as a community with book groups, classes, and artistically.  This year's book is A Tale For The Time Being.  Although I am only half way through I didn't want to miss the novelist presentation, which was wonderful!

Marilyn owner (left) of QuiltWorks is a supporter of the Novel Idea and each year encourages quilters to read the book and then create a quilt depicting some thing or feeling from the book.  This year the novelist Ruth Ozeki (right) was given a tour of the creation hanging in the QuiltWorks Gallery.  
She was amazed!!!

...I hope you enjoy the quilt show and that it will peak your interest in the book :)  the last slides are of previous Novel Idea Quilts and the book titles where the inspiration sprang.
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