Friday, April 24, 2015


Has it been a peaceful week for you?  Or are you trying to figure out me?  I saw this photo on Pinterest and almost snorted my coffee!!! LOL...that is soooo me.  But I did it...I went out in the cold and did some exercise.  

My movie of the week is The Imitation Game...every person in the universe should see this one!  It is a crime what we do to each other.  

My friend Tamra and I are on our continued quest to keep each other on schedule for our Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show entries.  OMG...hers is absolutely fantastic! you hear me...keep stitchin'!!!  Aren't these blocks fantastic.  A combination of cotton 'n wool :)

I hope you have a relaxing weekend!  And, you are able to take a stitch or 2 :)  I can't wait till Monday because it is the Material Girls Basket Quilt Challenge...a year in the making we will have the reveal and voting!!!