Thursday, April 30, 2015

Opportunities Everywhere

I love this quote by Paulo Coelho and when you read about him you'll know that he not only has an enthusiastic heart but a strong heart :)

I was looking for a project to prep for Woolies this week but just ran out of time. So, I quickly looked through my project boxes with an enthusiastic heart and found opportunities everywhere! LOL  That is where I found this of my favorites that has been languishing since we returned from our camping trip last fall to Bryce Canyon and Zion!!!  How could I have forgotten it?          

I had 6 of the blocks done!!!  Then nada!  I have decided to continue pushing forward as it is one of my favorites and maybe I will have it ready to hang this Christmas.  Did I hear you squeal...because I said the "C" word?!  Well, excuse me...tomorrow is May 1st!!!  Can you believe it?  That means in 7 months it will be December 1st!  Oh yeah get real people...time seems to be flying by!

This week was packed with all kinds of stuff... one being the Twisted Sisters were in town!  You remember them from last summer...they rented the house across the creek from us during Quilt Show Week.  Two of them were taking a vacation this week in Central Oregon and decided to take Jackie's Log Jammin' Class at the Stitchin' Post.  I felt the challenge pressure immediately because we threw down the fabric gauntlet last summer to create something from a piece of challenge fabric...the problem...I couldn't remember which piece of fabric it was!!!  So, I had to scroll back through the blog and find what piece of fabric they gave me to make something out of before this July!!!  Now that I know what it looks like...I gotta find it....wish me luck!!!