Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Moments

I have absolutely no quilting to share because I didn't take a stitch all weekend!!!  I played with my youngest son and his wife.  You just have to take those moments.  I love this quote...I always want to have enthusiasm.

After they headed back over the mountain...someone was pouting :(

Finally!!!  Today is the Material Girls Basket Challenge Quilt reveal...I cannot wait!!!  I am happy with how mine turned out.  We each bring our quilt in a paper bag with the label covered.  They are hung up and numbered.  Then we all walk around the room and vote on which is our favorite!!  We wrap up the event with a wonderful potluck ...when the day if over we start working on the 2016 Material Girl Challenge!!!  

Tomorrow I'll have a slide show of the quilts...see you then!