Thursday, April 2, 2015

Empty Spools...The Novel

Back on my feet and ready to share :)  Just to give you fair warning at over 500 photos and lots of information it will take me DAYS to share this, I hope you are up for it, lol.  Empty Spools is an amazing experience for quilters.  There are 5 sessions which are each a week long.  With 10-11 instructors and about 250 participants each session...that is a whole bunch of quilters from all over the world in one magical spot.  Quilters come by themselves, with friends and even a few husbands.  This year I attended Sylvia Pippen's class in session 3 with 4 of the Fabric Stalkers.  We drove down together...and yes, we did manage to fit 5 suitcases in the back of my car :) 

Asilomar where Empty Spools is held is a very special place for me.  It is located on the Monterey Bay where I grew up.  Asilomar is also the exact place HH was living when I met him for the first time :).  My mom passed away while sailing on the bay and my parents are together in a cemetery on the bay...yes, it will always have a special spot in my heart.  

The other amazing thing about Empty Spools is the people you meet...not only in your class but in the dining hall where you share 3 meals a day with people.  When you enter this place you realize how much you have in common with complete strangers and how small the world really is!

I only know 1 person in Texas...and, this gal who I shared a dining table with knows that 1 person and they are in the same guild!!!

On another day I was sitting in the dining hall next to this quilter...turns out we shared a loss.  When I saw where she was from I asked if she knew a guy named Andy Huston?  Andy owned the movie theater in her hometown and passed away at too young an age.  She said he was the nicest man she ever knew and that the whole town misses for me, Andy was the first male to teach me about love.  He was around 7 and I was 14...his sister was my best friend.  Back then...he loved my snotty 14 year old self :)  Even when his sister and I made him walk on the opposite side of the street on the way to school, lol.  On some level he taught me what I wanted in a relationship.  Yes, the world is smaller than we know and Empty Spools brings together an incredible group of people who share more than quilting.

Sylvia Pippen formerly of the Hawaiian Islands and now La Conner, Washington was our chosen instructor.  This class was by far the best I have ever taken
 in terms of instructor, classmates and projects.  
The balance of all 3 made for a perfect week!

Like I mentioned before, I took over 500 photos this trip...OMG...not only of our class but other, quilt shops along the way :)  And, I arranged to visit two extraordinary quilters in Monterey, lots of slide shows coming your way.  I am spreading them out so you won't become one with your computer, lol.  Today's slide show is about Sylvia and her creations.  You can ordered her patterns, quilts and supplies for any of the creations you see on this slide show by visiting her Web Site.  Enjoy the slide show!

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