Friday, April 10, 2015

Empty Spools...Student Process :)

I thought it would be nice to show you some of the student work so you can start making plans for attending Empty Spools :)  One of the wonderful processes we learned in Sylvia Pippen's class was Cyanotyping.  The quilt she is displaying is a combination of Sashiko and Cyanotype.  Cyanotype uses a specially treated fabric.  You then design a pattern by using plant material or silhouettes cut out of card stock.  You lay it on your fabric creating the design you want...cover it with a plastic sheet or glass and expose it to the sun for a few minutes.

Here is the design I created.  I exposed it to the sun for 5 minutes.  You then take the fabric and rinse it in water until the color stops bleeding (a couple of minutes).  Finally you dunk it in a bath of water with a couple of cap fulls of peroxide.  Robin had to do this for me because I couldn't touch the chemicals.

Here is Robin holding my Cyanotype...she is the best! LOL  I am going to add some Sashiko stitching and create a wall hanging.

Here are a couple of Cyanotype's that Sylvia made and then she added Sashiko on one and appliqued flowers on the other!

The class went crazy making Cyanotypes and we all had sooooo much fun. 

Now for a little slideshow of student work as I walked around on viewing day.  I hope you will be inspired.  Have a wonderful weekend...and I hope you are still hanging in there with me...just a couple more Empty Spool posts and we can move on to day to day quilting, LOL.

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