Friday, April 17, 2015

Coffee or Tea Time!!

Well,  I am wrapping up the week with some thoughts on quilt groups and retreats.  I was sitting out front when the change in weather brought our vultures back.

They have an interesting behavior that is not to far removed from quilters....wait!!!...I mean it!  Every day the vultures/buzzards fly out long distances in search of...politely put...the perfect snack.  Quilters also go out far and wide in search of  the perfect fabric.  Then at around 5:00 in the evening you can see the vultures the birding world it is called a Kettle.  They swarm around each other is an ever building circle.  I imagine the conversation goes like this...Hey, what did you find???  Well, over on Hwy 20 I found some road kill...well, I found a ground squirrel over on lot 88 in Pine Meadow Village!  

Quilters do the same thing...hey...what did you find at Customer Appreciation Day at the Stitchin' Post?  Well, I found a new needle threader...yada, yada, yada...What's in YOUR bag???  Yep, all living things are connected in one way or another! LOL

I finally was able to put together the Prineville Retreat is time for you to put the 'Kettle" on...gather and enjoy the show.  I'll have more to share on Monday...Violet Crafts program, the QuiltWorks Gallery Show and some book conversation...Enjoy your weekend!!!

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