Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thoughts For Tuesday

I am not sure what is happening but I am just not myself!  In fact,  I wonder if there has been an alien abduction in which I have been taken up to the Mother Ship and given a transfusion of organizational fluids.  For my entire life I have been a  walking on the edge of the blade kind of person.  Writing my papers the night before they are due...write a speech...no way, I would just stand up and start talking.  Test tomorrow...I'll start studying tonight.  Quilt due for the Hoffman Challenge...stitching on the beach while I vacation.  But, something happened when January 1, 2015 showed up.  I woke up a different person.  And, you know what...it feel good!  WOW,  life without stress...who knew it could feel this good.  The challenge will be if on December 31st I can close the year stress free :)  What about you...do you walk the blade or prefer the relaxed life.

I got all excited when quilting my Material Girl Challenge...(that isn't due until the end of April)...my spool of thread was just about empty.  I am curious about how long the Aurifil thread last....

So,  I decided to write the date on the bottom.  March 1, 2015 and then I will see when I run out...will be interesting to see how long it takes for the average quilter to use up a spool of Aurifil!

The February East of the Cascade Quilt Guild meeting was packed with amazing quilts.  The meeting started off with a member show 'n tell, followed by an awesome presentation by Valori Wells Kennedy about her trip to Marrakesh and the process of designing fabric, ending with an Heirloom Quilt show 'n tell by guild members.  We have to support our fabric designers.  The process from vision, to hand drawing, coloring, strike offs, more coloring.  You might enjoy this article.  A kind of behind the scene information.  How Much Do Fabric Designers Earn?

Enjoy the slide show! And have a great Tuesday :)
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