Monday, March 2, 2015

Starting the Week with a Smile!

This week is starting with a smile because I smiled all weekend.  Starting with Saturday where we celebrated a friend's retirement.  Then Sunday afternoon was spent with a group of nurses that worked together in the early days in the New Family Unit as Labor/Delivery, Postpartum and NICU nurses. And, we finished up the weekend at one of the Fabric Stalkers house to celebrate her daughter's (also a Fabric Stalker) engagement.  It was a weekend filled with love, laughter and much so, that my face hurts, LOL  Here is a video that will bring a smile to your face!

Now, here is a well know secret...I am a Pinterest Fan :)!  I cook with Pinterest, dream with Pinterest, remodel, clean, dress and quilt...with Pinterest.  In my own creative brain I have built several houses...created gardens that rival the best in England and I would win any Chef Wars on TV.  And, as for quilting...each time I pin a quilt, I feel like I have already made it, LOL.  So, when Tamra shared this video with me I just had to pass it on :)

Here is my Feb creation for the 101 Small Quilts Quilt Along on Huckleberry Stitches!  click on the link to see what the rest of the Huckleberry followers created!  I am really enjoying this quilt along...all I have to do is check in the first of each month and find out what I am challenged to create for that much fun!  March is page 72, Hourglass...can't wait!

Todays slide show is total eye candy.  The Gallery Show at QuiltWorks was beautiful and unique.  The Featured Quilter was Phyllis Van Etten who heald from my childhood stomping groups on the Central Coast of California.  I noticed while viewing each quilt that like me...she likes it all, LOL.  The group exhibit consisted of quilts made by the Meadow Muffins and was such a fun exhibit.  They had a bag of napkins and each person drew a napkin out and then created a quilt inspired by the napkin!!!  In the slide you will see the little napkin displayed next to the quilt or a photo of the napkin and then the quilt.  This sounds like a wonderful challenge and may inspire your group to meet...The Napkin Challenge!  See you tomorrow...another great slideshow from the East of the Cascade Guild and featured speaker Valori Wells Kennedy!

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