Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Small Quilt = Fewer Pieces...NOT!!!

First of all...I am not complaining...I used to be addicted to mini quilts.  Actually had 2 patterns published in Miniature Quilt Magazine when it was still being published.  With that said...I forgot that small/mini did not mean easy or fewer pieces, lol.  I am loving the group challenge organized by Huckleberry Stitches.

This month's quilt is Hourglass...consisting of 135 squares!!!  And the hardest part...picking out the fabrics you want to use.  I do believe scrappy quilts are harder to put together because you are choosing one fabric at a time...give me a kit with the fabrics all chosen anytime...I LOVE being a quilt kit customer, LOL.

I did get my blocks all done...lets see if I can get it all pieced and quilted before the end of the month???  Anyone feel like betting? LOL

I also am working on a couple of pincushions.  I need to do the wool stitching on the tops.  As for the backs...well, I absolutely love the backing fabric.  I purchased it at Material Girl in Redmond, Oregon.  
Leslie, the owner said
 if you called she'll send you a couple of yard :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!