Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's All In The Timing Tuesday...

I have been enjoying the organizational change that has occurred in my psyche since the beginning of the year.  It is weird that even at this age we are still maturing, LOL.  I have so many projects in the fire and getting it all done is all in the timing of my quilting schedule.  Somethings I can share and some things not because they are a secret...shhhhh. I would love to hear if you are a go with the flow quilter or work off a spread sheet? :)

I hung up my March Berties! This year has been marching along...no pun intended :)  We are enjoying the sunshine, puttering around the garden and trying to figure out how to keep the "local landscapers" from eating my plants which are already budding.

It is hard to stay indoors and quilt when it is so beautiful outside (sorry to those who are still trying to dig out of the snow.)  Enzo loves this time of year because it means more outdoor activity.

...and these 2 buds have been taking to the woods...
and, once in a while I tag along.

On the way home we saw this Oregon tree faller 
taking down a huge ponderosa pine at the edge of town.  
He cut the limbs off as he climbed up...
traffic was stopped on the Hwy when a big limb came down.  
I thought the palm tree trimmers in Hawaii were amazing.
 but, they have nothing on a Oregon tree faller :)

Here is the very top being cut off.  
If you click on the photo you can get a closer look.

Ok enough jibber jabber...I am off to Woolies.  Hope your Tuesday is a good one!