Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Dose of Stitching Makes The Day Better!

A little bit of a tantrum here...I wish banks, companies, industry would actually spend some time training  their is not fair to them and it is not fair to the customer.  I hate dealing with places where I seem to know more than the employees!! And, I know they don't want to deal with me when I am in the "OH NO you didn't" zone. OK...there it is,  a little jumping up and down screaming moment :)

But, the day got better because I found out that someone actually wrote a song about me. LOL  and....

Nothing makes a day turn from frustrating to superb like stitching with friends.  The Woolie's met at QuiltWorks and it was filled with talking, laughing and stitching...short but sweet!

Sorry...but Smilebox is having a technical problem which they are working on...hopefully it will be fixed the meantime here is a whole bunch of photos :) of what the Woolies were stitching away on!
Mary's quilt (don't know the name of the pattern)

Ruth's creation

Marilyn's stitchery

 Lori's project

 Nancy's Spring wool project!

 Sandy's Easter mat

 Mary R's. flowers

 Barb is thinking about snow :)

 Sandy's mini quilt

 ...and her 2011 Primitive Gatherings BOW...stunning

 Anne is working on her Non-Woolie Woolie Challenge

 ...and she is stitching away on her 2011 PG BOW