Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

A couple of weeks ago my fellow blogger PinkaDot Quilts posted she had rejected the blocks she had made from a quilt swap she was participating in...I immediately said I would give them a home :) So, as seems to be...the best part of all quilters is sharing and she said she would send them to me.  When they arrived I couldn't help but smile...the ideas were swimming in my head on how these little houses could have a home at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

One of my friends and fellow Juniperberry was the featured member to be showcased at the East of the Cascade Quilt Guild meeting.  Well...I was a little surprised when I arrived and saw her... I said...humm cute sweater...yup, an interesting wardrobe choice, LOL

It was a laugh out loud moment...and that is what I love about her...she can laugh at herself...and her laugh is contagious!  The sweater really is cute but really, the wheels are only an A cup.

Enjoy Jeanne and other members quilts in this slide show!  It is hard to believe looking at Jeanne that she has been quilting for 40 years!!! She is a brave quilters willing to try all kinds of techniques and styles of quilting.  
Enjoy your Tuesday and take a stitch or two...tomorrow I will have another wonderful slide show!

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