Friday, February 6, 2015

TGIF=This Girl is (on) Fire!

Yeah...that's right...this girl is a little out of control.  Remember me, the 110% girl...the one who from the moment of birth has been on the go.  Heck, I took my first plane ride at 5 weeks!  I realize that I have to occasionally take a break and so I am...The Woolie Blog will be off line for the next week.  I will be back on Feb. 16th!  I had to be a little organized in order to enjoy the time, the "O" is a really hard word for me to embrace. But, I did.  Made my appointment with the accountant for taxes...made a grooming appointment for Enzo since he is at Camp Mel and will be covered in dirt from head to tail by the time we get back...and ordered our Valentine's Day dinner!

Yes, you heard me...Valentine's Day dinner.  For the last several years HH and I have had dinner delivered to the house for Valentine's Day by Tate & Tate.  The restaurants are too crowded on this day and we do have the best view table in town.  So, each year we place an order for our meal to be delivered...Oh yeah...I can hear you all now...must be nice to afford such luxury!  Well, the 4 course meal is $39/couple....oh heard me!!!  And, there is so much food it generally lasts for a couple of meals....unless you want to stuff yourself!  They bring the meal all plated and then pick up the "dirty" dishes the next day for a $15 delivery fee which still makes it cheaper than a fine restaurant! local people consider Tate & Tate...besides Barb is a quilters which makes the food taste extra good! LOL

Last week I couldn't resist going to Acorns & Threads.  Lately cross stitching has been singing my song and I just had  to officer!!!  The place is amazing!  And, the staff is sooooo helpful!

The samples are yummy which makes it hard to choose!

cotton thread, wool thread, hand dyed thread, variegated thread...this photo shows only about a 4th of the thread in this shop!

I am loving the 2 stitcheries in the top left corner!

isn't this one sweet and they finished it into a little quilted wall hanging.

There are all kinds of cross stitch patterns...from the cute, to the elegant...
to the beautiful...

I am on the order list for this one...just love it!

...and I walked out with these 2 patterns the linen canvas and thread...
I couldn't help it officer...
Cross Stitch is legal in Oregon!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and a relaxing week...
I know I will...and,
 we'll see you back here on Feb. 16th!