Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quiet River Retreat

The 2015 Quiet River Retreat had 5 Fabric Stalkers in attendance...but, that doesn't mean it was any less rowdy!  We come together on these retreats not only for the quilting but for the connection and support.  Laughter is the best medicine and we leave overdosed and contented.  I have pondered what has been the number one reason for this groups longevity.  We have weathered childrearing, marriages, divorces, job changes, health challenges and aging but  if I could pinpoint the "number one"...it would be forgiveness.  We are human beings who carry our stresses, joys, fears, anger and hopes...and we bring those with us to group.  But, it is in the safety of this space that we are forgiven...no matter how cranky, scared, angry or PO'd we act...and then, we laugh. 

Last year's Quiet River Retreat we were buried in snow...I mean buried!

Remember this photo! We had to call for help in order to get out of there.

This year...not a snowflake in sight...the sun was out with kyakers on the river!

I love this photo! One of the Fabric Stalkers bought a LOT of yardage 
so we could have a fabric hug...can you guess which one?  They all look like they could have done this! LOL

The machine's were humming, the fabric was flying and all of us agreed that we accomplished exactly what we needed too.  I took some small monthly projects so I could catch up, worked on Sisters Quilt Show projects and wool handwork and by Sunday felt like my quilting well was filled.  We took a break from the sweat shop and went shopping which means...shopping slide shows this week.  Today I am off to play with the Woolies.  See ya tomorrow if you are around :)
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