Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday sweet it is...

I am playing catch up and since it is Monday I am going to share what the Material Girls were up to last Monday :)  The days and weeks are going faster than my little brain can keep up!  How was your weekend?  This past weekend was the Fabric Stalkers Quiet River retreat and so life was filled with love, support and stitching.  I'll be posting our retreat activities tomorrow.

I saw this on Pinterest and just had to share because I admit...
it is a perfect dream!

Another UFO bites the dust!!! This was a least a queen size and  that's after I left off the final plain border because it was massive.  It is a Doug Leko designed quilt and as is with his patterns it went together perfectly!  The darker themed fabric has words of thanksgiving printed all over it...I just love it!

I had been away from the Material Girls for a month and something happened...they were infected by a knitting virus as you will see in the slide show!  Have a wonderful Monday!

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