Friday, February 20, 2015


You would think after a couple of year being off work I wouldn't get excited about Fridays...but I still do!  It still feels like Friday is the end of the week and the beginning of fun!  I got us organized so that we could arrive home last Friday because Garth Stein was going to be in town!!!  He is one of my favorite authors...because I loved "The Art of Racing in the Rain"  When I finished that book I knew if I got another dog he would be named Enzo...a year later Enzo came to live with us.  So you see, Garth is like a relative...he is like Enzo's uncle.  I told him that 5 years ago Enzo came to live with us :)  He is a great speaker and has an interesting history...and I do enjoy this writer!  When I got home I called my neighbor Kathleen and we headed off to The Belfry...the crowd was too large to hold the event in the bookstore.

His latest book is the one I took to Maui with was funny but there were only a few of us die hards who were actually reading a "book"...the rest were on their phones, Ipads or e-readers.  No judgement here...I also use all those devices but there was something pleasurable about reading an actual book on the beach :)

His latest book is engaging, mystical, filled with drama, pain, love...all set in Seattle and narrated by a boy.  It will not be every one's cup of tea but I found it an enjoyable read.

I had no choice! I had to buy this children's book he also wrote...
after all Enzo is a star!

Although I am born and bred to be a traveler I am finding lately home is calling my name.  There is a comfort in the cadence...and familiarity of home, friends and one's dog that no amount of adventure can compare.

This past week we spent some time in the woods just enjoying 
home and each others company.

Today I am working away on my retreat projects with the Fabric Stalkers...a little of this and a little of that.  Girlfriends are good for the soul and I continue to be inspired by the endless projects that seem to be appearing.  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll show you what I got done :)