Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Christmas in February!

Having neglected my mailbox for a couple of weeks I came home to box which was stuffed to the max...the postal service does not deliver mail to my home and which means we have to go pick it know you are in trouble when the mail guy bring a dolly out to truck your mail out to your car, lol.  In that pile was some fun stuff! 

I am a big fan of Linda from the The Talking Crow and couldn't resist getting this little pillow for Valentines Day.  I love punch needle but am never going to add that skill to my can only do so much...unlike my friend Debbie from Woolnsails who seems to be able to do it ALL.

I also needed this Spring Raddedy Anne from 
Wendy of Ravenweed Whimzies for my church pew in our entry way...
and, for obvious reasons I am partial to all Annies :)

As I headed to Maui I intended to take this 6 week course on Mindfulness...the joke was that I was using a library book that only had a life span of 3 weeks...hummm...I went to Powell's and  ordered it delivered to Sisters.  I am definitely planning on learning how to be present and sitting on the beach without a list of things to accomplish was a good way to kick this book off!  Check it out and we could become Mindful buddies!

Another mailbox surprise was a sweet Valentines tea towel from dear quilter Jenny a Woolie reader and a regular visitor to our side of the mountain.  I can't tell you how excited I was...before unpacking I pulled out all my Valentine decorations.  This towel is just for looks I hung another one for HH to wipe his hands on, lol...and see how great it looks with my red tea kettle!

...and she made her own gift tag...some people are just so clever!

I was the lucky winner of a Timeless Traditions pillow pattern and can't wait to make it!  Wouldn't it be a wonderful wedding gift with the bride and grooms name in the heart!!!  So many possiblities...I have always been a fan of Norma's!

Here are a few more photos from Maui...yes, we did really relax!

everyone was enjoying the food and drinks LOL

oh yeah...someone had to order it!

a lovely place to take a break...

Enjoy hump day...we are heading towards another weekend...