Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yahoozer...it's Tuesday!

Oh yeah...I am feeling 80% better!  The dry cough that goes with this cold virus is like nothing I have had before...oh yeah...you gals who are over 50 and have had a baby know what I am talking about...our bladders are not tucked up nice and tight like they used to be :)  And, I think I actually got workouts in because my ribs are sore from all the coughing.  But life is getting better and today I am venturing out to my Woolies group!!!

The past week I barely ventured out which was ok because most of the time it was dreary and foggy but one day was pristine...love those mountains.

...and because I couldn't venture out and neither could HH. Someone in the house was stuck.  Every time I would sit at my sewing table he would come up and put his head in my lap.  Not sure if he was feeling bad for me or him, lol.  But...I can't imagine life without him...we both agree he is the best dog that has decided to live with us.  Did I ever tell you the story of how he came to be in our family?  Well, the long and short of it was I visited the litter of puppies once a week trying to decide which one was my forever puppy.  Each time I would drive down the long road to leave he was the one puppy that would run to the fence and watch me drive away.  Yes, he is the one :)

Remember last month I shared the 2015 non-woolie challenge that the Woolies decided to sew from the QuiltMania #103 issue.  It was decided we would make 4 block a month starting in January.  Rumor had it that some of the Woolies were not following the rules :) no duh...that was a given with this group.  Anyhoo...I decided to make both January & Feb. because I was going to be gone part of February.  So far I have 6 made.  2 more to go.  We were all picking our own palette and I decided I wanted variations of red for every block and different background fabric.  I think it is going to be a spectacular quilt!  Join us and see what you come up with??!!

I have more to share on what I accomplished during my self imposed isolation :)  See you tomorrow!