Friday, January 23, 2015

Wrapping Up The Week

I am going to start off my review of the controversial movie American Sniper.  The whole concept of a sniper makes one take a breath. And, whether you agree or don't agree with the wars we have fought you deserve to open your heart and mind to what is involved in being blessed to live now in the safety of your quilt rooms.  The cost both personally and globally to the choices that are made are every one's burden.  War is a tragedy and in a perfect world we could live and let live if others would live and let live in a humane manner.   A Woolie 5 star for making me look outside the security of my quilt room and realizing someone is sacrificing to protect me.

All I can say is...I only got half way through this book before I threw in the towel.  I kept trying to understand the main character but she was driving me crazy and when she said that she put a pin on the tip of stick to be able to poke her boyfriends dog because the dog took his attention away from her...I cried UNCLE.  So...I would give it a Woolie "0"...cause I couldn't even finish it.  And, if they make a movie...I am not going!!!

I have been hunting high and lo for a copy of this magazine.  I WANT it...and I can't find it!  Anne of Cottons 'n Wool suggest I take my plea public!  I have contacted several quilt shops and several have it on their web sites but are, if you have hard core facts that a shop has a copy I would be so grateful...:)

Yesterday was a work day!  Tamra and I have made a commitment to try and meet every week for a work session.  Since we are both hand and wool stitchers and our group, The Juniperberries will be having a special exhibit during the 40th anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show we decided we needed to encourage each other to keep on...keep on stitching!

Her design is absolutely adorable!

...and mine...ain't to shabby :)

The weather around here has been weird...I almost feel like flowers should be spouting and the geese will be migrating.  The boys are back and they are pushing each other around.  Another weird weather year???

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back on Monday :)