Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

I hope that life is treating you all well and that at the very least you are able to take a stitch or 2.  I have got myself on a schedule as there will be a little over a week or more  coming up where the stitching will be minimal due to traveling.  And for those of us living in Central Oregon...once the calendar flips over to January we start thinking about the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  I know for sure I will have 2 quilts in the show...which means I have to get cracking.  But, even with that I can't stop stitching my other projects, lol.  I finished my Woolie :)  the pattern actually said Woolen...but hey, I am all about the Woolie...so, I changed it.  It also was supposed to be a 14 x 14 but I didn't want it that big so I cut it down to 12 X 12.  Which is just perfect!  I chose little golden star buttons instead of round wool for the flowers just because I wanted too.  The Woolie is like me...All about that Bass.  If you are interested the pattern is by Threads That Bind Shawn has wonderful designs!

Here are some more photos of our walk along the Metolius.
Serene and beautiful.

The squirrels and chipmunks are still shredding the pinecones.

I found this interesting...the tree was grabbing on the rocks trying to keep from falling over...didn't work

If you get time today please hop on over to Pink Caramel and watch the video from the 2015 Toyko International Quilt Festival...AMAZING!!!

I am off to Woolie at QuiltWorks...can't wait to see the girls and get some inspiration!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!