Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Coffee or Tea

Get a cup of coffee or tea and join me...Another week has flown by and it seems everyone is running on a different "life treadmill."  The quilt groups around here are sporadically attended this time of year because it is when the locals who can, head to warmer climates.  We have a fair amount of snowbirds who leave in November and won't be back till May.  And then there are those of us who just want a break from the weather and head to warmer digs.  Although, I have to say this year we can't complain so far...heck that snowplow has only been used a couple of times!!!

HH and I watched Lucy which just came out on DVD.  Most likely won't make it to the awards podium but it was entertaining and listening to Morgan Freeman is always an enjoyable experience.  It would fall more into the SciFi category and it was fun for me because when the Korean bad guys were yelling I could actually understand what they were saying, LOL  With that said...I am glad I didn't spend theater money to see it...a Woolie 3...just because of Morgan Freeman.

The book I finished this week was a Woolie 5 star!!  It pulled at my heart stings, added to my knowledge base and made me more aware of what Alzheimer's is really like.  It is hard to believe that the first diagnosis was in 1906 and we still do not have a cure.  This book was based on the character's Early Onset diagnosis.  Everyone has their bag of hammers that they have to carry around but this one seems especially heavy.  I know several friends who have dealt or are dealing with this in their family and my heart aches for them.  They have made this book into a movie.

This week there was a meeting of the Tula Pink Club...yes, in Sisters we have a club.  After all Tula herself is coming the the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and boy are we going to party!!!  There will also be a special exhibit of the club quilts!!!  We are all using the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book and if you are a beginning quilter the blocks are sooo doable!  Not everyone is using the Tula Pink Fabric but creating a quilt that walks to their own beat.

Jackie from the Stitchin' Post is our Major Domo and this is her quilt...not only are the blocks perfect...the color and the layout design are fabulous.  If you get a chance to stop by the shop you'll get to see the exquisite quilting done by a local gal.

There is a evening sew group and a daytime sew group at the shop.  
Here are a few of the club member's blocks.

Some are already done and Jackie is showing off this club members setting...very original and, has a vintage look to the fabrics.

A stunning mix of batiks!

...And this setting is fantastic!

You still have time to sign up for the club and then this summer you will get to party with Tula!!!  Have a wonderful weekend...see you on Monday where we will see if Phil sees his shadow and what HH looks like another year older!!