Friday, November 14, 2014

The Week Ends With A Bang!

Well just because Father Winter was didn't mean the rest of us were!  We woke up to a dramatic build up of the pile of snow!

We did watch a great movie this week!  Chef...with an all star cast, it was entertaining and had the added bonus of making me want to cook...or at least eat a Cubano!

Yesterday I was running through the snow!

Today, I am stuck...which translate to Quilting!

A snow day was declared locally so it was fun in the neighborhood!

It literally snowed all day long! And, today will be more of the same!  My little pagoda became a mushroom, lol

Enzo would go outside and do his "dooty"
...but, as you tell he is anxious to get back inside!

...and so, what did I do all day?  Cut out a new quilt and laid it all out...since the snow has continued to fall I will be piecing it today!!!  What are you doing on this fine Friday???
See you on Monday...have a safe and warm weekend :)