Friday, November 7, 2014


With all the challenges that are going on in our world I wanted to share this thought with you...

I believe as we move through life we can individually impact the world...but, it can be so much more fun if we did it with wonderful people by our side.

I have been pondering what project to start next...I have been so good at prepping wool this week.   But, next week I want to start a new project.  By new, I don't mean going out to the quilt store and buying something new.  I mean going in my sewing closet and dragging something out that has been waiting to be released, lol

Still plugging away with a huge book...soooo good.  Report will have to wait till next week.  And I haven't seen a movie worth sharing...I will leave you with the Minions.  I feel a real closeness to the minions...they speak to me, lol.  Have a great weekend...for locals the PJ sale is going on at the Stitchin' Post  on Saturday :)