Monday, November 10, 2014

Stitchin' Post PJ Party

The Stitchin' Post PJ Party is an annual event which brings out quilters from all corners of the West Coast...oh yeah...there was even a quilters who drove up from California for the event!  It is simple...if you show up in your PJ's you get an additional 5% shopping sweet time is 0630 to 0800 which is 30% off and since I showed up in jammies I got an additional 5% for a total of 35% off...ANYTHING IN THE STORE!!!! The discount decreases as the day progresses.

The challenge was I had a weekend visitor (my bestie from childhood) who was not a quilter...ah, I didn't tell her she would have to get up at 0600 until her plane landed and I had her trapped in the car...hehehe

The best part of the PJ party is the quilters...seeing friends in their jammies walking around town, having breakfast in restaurants and getting a great discount!

our crew shopped, laughed, talked and had breakfast...perfect day for quilters :)
Mary Ann, Jane, Moi, Nancy, Joann and Colleen the non-quilter...but she does knit :)

just a short slideshow of some of the quilters willing to have their photos taken in their PJ's, lol  Have a great Monday...I am off to put studs on the car that we travel over the mountain in while HH heads off to Jury Duty :)

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