Thursday, November 6, 2014's the Quiet Moments...

...that are the best.

I woke up at 0415...yes, 4:15 AM.  No rhyme, no, I got up and did some exercise on my elliptical while listening to a book on CD.  Afterwards, I went up to the sewing room and finished prepping another wool project.  I happened to look up and saw this sight out the window!!  So, I ran downstairs grabbed the camera and took a photo.  Spectacular!

It is a weird Fall in the neighborhood.  Although it is getting colder we have not really had any cold snap...and so, the Aspens are holding onto their leaves and by lavender bloomed again!  Weird!  It was such a perfect Fall day that HH and I got out and started cleaning up our flower beds.  I also got some more daffodil bulbs planted.  It is the only bulb flower the deer don't care for.

After cleaning up I headed to out to stitch with the Juniperberries.  There were only 6 of us...a small group.  But sometimes a small group allows quiet moments...and, quiet moments allow conversation...and, conversation allows connection...and, connection allows support...and, support give birth to friendship...and, friendship is a quiet place where one can lay your heart.  I don't know what I would do without my quilt groups.  

Enjoy the day, hug a friend and for heaven sakes...find a quilt group!

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