Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Monday...How Sweet It Is!

This statement was posted on Facebook this weekend and it really resonated with me and so I thought I would share it with you...are you there?...or do you have a challenge saying NO...or, need to be liked?  Life is short...make the most of it and use your time well.

Our weekend was a filled with snow!  It was beautiful! The neighborhood dug ourselves out.  We had too...since several neighbors were invited to a Harvest Gathering Potluck and we had to be able to walk since the roads weren't wide enough for car parking and it was only 4 houses away :)

Enzo was enjoying himself and I got to dust off my snow shoes.  The temperature dropped to -5 and yesterday afternoon we hit a high of 25 degrees...practically balmy, lol.  I saw a small herd of deer huddled inside a car port in town...yep, even they thought it was a little too cold!

I did some baking this weekend, and this is where Enzo hangs out when I am in the kitchen.  He is such a chicken!

With the weather so chilly I spent the entire weekend in my sewing room...well, I did come down for meals and I didn't sleep in there.  I dove into a new project and love how it turned out,  I have the wool all prepped for stitching.  This is a Primitive Gathering pattern.  I decided to add the year on the basket, kinda like when the year is added to a stitched sampler.  If I were to do this again I probably would just piece the area where the wool pieces are attached.  It is going to be cumbersome to stitch those wool pieces while manipulating the enter piece.  I started to worry about stretching and fraying of all those half square triangles while stitching the I covered the entire back with Pellon SF 101 and my problem was solved :)

My brain has been going 100 miles an hour thinking about Christmas, about organization...finishing projects, making gifts....I think I am making myself a little did know that there is only...37 days till panic needed company.