Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Feeling It!

It seems the holidays are fully upon us!  I am not sure if it was the early snow...or the fact that Thanksgiving practically backs up to December this year...anyhoo, it is here and we either have to deal with it...or enjoy it!  Me, I am going to enjoy every moment! 

Last night HH was practicing some Christmas music with a couple of neighbors.  Did you know that Santa is a neighbor of our!  Nothing like a little Christmas jingle to get you in the mood.

I couldn't help it...I just had to go into Bend to see my Material Girls!!!  I have missed stitching with them and it was a good thing I did because Bev brought this quilt to show 'n tell.  There is a story behind this quilt...so, here goes...years ago...as in about 12+ years ago Bev taught the Material Girls a quilt class called Hidden Wells.  It wasn't hard but it was tricky.  The fabrics had to be placed just so in order to creat the secondary patterns in the quilt.  I did not get mine done and it ended up in the back recesses of my sewing closet where it remained until about a year and a half ago when we were moving and I was cleaning out the closet.  Having been over 10 years there was no way for me to remember the tricky steps and so I bundled the entire quilt up and  brought it to Bev and said...here, save it and do with it what you will.  And so, this is my quilt, done and saved by Bev!  Every quilt deserves to be saved...you just have to find the perfect Quilt Angel :)

Enjoy the slide show on what the Material Girls were up too.  I am off to spend time with people who love wool so I'll see ya back here tomorrow!  
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