Monday, October 20, 2014

Twilene's Place

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One of the challenges of life is "change."  Life is ever in flux, marriage, babies born, children grow up...move, jobs takes us here and there, family structure changes with growth, divorce, death...and, at the bottom of the list is our friendships.  We cherish them, we need them but they also change as our lives change.  As much as some condemn social media...the fact is that it allows there to be a thread of connection in all this change.  

Which brings me to Twilene.  A LONG time resident of Central Oregon, raised her kids on a farm off Knott Road, girl scout leader extraordinaire, scrapbooker and quilter...then, when the kids grew up she and her DH moved into town and we became neighbors.  We loved our little Cul de Sac...but, with time change came...the neighborhood changed and life marched on...neighbors moved to different neighborhoods.  But, I always have fond memories of the kids running around the  cul de sac...BBQ's in the street and families connected.  It was a special time.  

We stayed in sporadic touch over the years and it totally cracked us up that her moving to another state brought us together again! LOL  She had just moved to Idaho so HH and I decided to make a stop during our camping adventure to visit the new house and of course Twi and I had to visit the local quilt shop, The Quilt Crossing!  Enjoy the slide show of her home...she would want me to say that it is totally in flux as she has only been then less than a month.  But,  as you can see her house is already homey!
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