Friday, October 24, 2014 over the brim week...

As par for the Woolie course it has been a full week.  A chance to spend time with family...especially those grandsons.  What can I with all Nana's I think mine are the cream of the crop, lol.  My sister flew into Portland where we had a great birthday weekend together.  We were both born in October which makes it a priority to get away together :).  

We jumped on the Max and met the grand kids at the Zoo.  It always amazes me that even though I see both these guys every month they change dramatically in that short time!

Sis and I went to the Living Room Theater to see The Skeleton Twins.  It was funny, disturbing and hooked that part of me that likes all things to do with the psyche...our human existence is a challenge, how we grew up, our experiences and the day to day choices we make.  I would give it a Woolie 3.5.

On Wednesday HH and I met up with some neighbors from Sisters for a dinner out in Portland.  This 5 star restaurant has always been on our radar and finally with the interest/encouragement of our foodie and wine neighbors we took the plunge.  It was an experience!  I got really brave and ordered a multi course (small courses) meal that was totally chosen by the chef with a wine appropriate pairing.  The only restriction I gave him was my food allergy.  What a fun evening!  Between the food and the company I have never sat through a meal that lasted 3 hours!

Portland has been a combination of sun, sprinkles and downpours....and so, this photo of a window washer doing his job during a full day of rain...priceless! LOL

Least you think I haven't been stitching...I have been!  I finished stitching a wool table topper and already started another one :) no slacking by the Woolie!  How about you????

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!