Thursday, September 25, 2014

Woolie Mania

HH, Enzo and I are heading out on a camping trip this week and decided to get Enzo all spift up for the ride.  Well, it looks like one of his nails got cut a little too short and he was bleeding...poor guy. And so I put some neosporine and bandaided it all up and to keep him from chewing on the bandaid I put one of my socks on him...he is not too happy :(

I have my projects all prepped and I am hoping I am as successful as Paulette when she takes her winter hiatus south of her border.  And I am praying to the Quilt Gods that I find as many quilt shops along the way as she does! LOL

Yesterday morning I woke up to a full rainbow over Sisters Country...This photo was taken by Valori Wells Kennedy from her driveway.  Such a wonderful way to start the day!

 At the Tuesday Woolie group Marilyn the owner of QuiltWorks was pleading with the woolies to help her with some English Paperpiecing...only 2 of the woolies bit...the rest didn't make eye contact and kept their heads down, lol.

and boy are we glad we did because watching Mary and looked in Survivor and being voted off the island challenging!

A short but sweet slide show of the Woolies and QuiltWorks!  
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