Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's A....

...Nana to do???  When you are in a fabric store with your older grandson and he asks you to make him a pillow case out of FLEECE!!!  Yuck!!!  This stuff is hard to sew!  But of course I said yes and decided that I couldn't just make one because the little guy needs one also.  I used the same pillow case pattern I always do with the French seam but I left off the 2 inch accent piece and I zig zagged the cuff seam.  I did not speak French to myself while stitching but someone was yelling in French the entire time!  They turned out great and score one point for the Nana!

Hard to believe my big guy has started the 7th grade!

...and the little brother...he makes us all laugh!

The Fabric Stalker Beach retreat is coing up which means I have to commit to projects I want to take and work on...yikes...decisions, decisions...in the meantime I will continue working on the October Berties...what do you have planned for in your stitching world this week?