Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I know it is hard for some of you to believe that I am a closet introvert...I have said it before, that I am an introvert that was raised by 2 extroverts and they were not having an introvert as a child...thus began my life of learning to converse.  By the 1st grade I sat in the back of the classroom with tape over my mouth.  I am sharing this part of my life so that you can understand that I can remember only one other time that I was speechless ~ until this past weekend.  My first experience with speechlessness was when HH first asked me out.  I had told someone moments before..."that guy over there is going to ask me out in the next 30 days."  And so, when he asked me out 30 minutes later I was speechless and said, "What?!"

The second and most recent episode of speechlessness was this past weekend at the Fabric Stalker Retreat.  I was struggling through completing my 2012 BJ's BOM (which was more like 24 blocks of the month :) when out of NO WHERE, Cakers announces that several months ago she hid 2 kits in MY sewing room and wondered if I had ever found them???!!!  These kits weren't ones from Primitive Gathering with luscious wool...but, from the 90's and were ones she wanted out of her sewing room!  Well...let me tell you...the quilt war has begun and no one will feel safe again.  It was apparent when we sat down to plan out our 2014-2015 year of quilting and suddenly no one wanted to host the group for fear of quilt kits being hidden in each others sewing rooms.  

BE AFRAID...very afraid!

I spent 3 days of the retreat on one project!  But, as painful as that was I now have an empty project box!!!  I put it back in my sewing room closet empty because I want to enjoy the emptiness of it for a little while, lol

This is the finished quilt.  Pattern by Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Design it is beautiful and BIG so I decided to leave off the plain last border but will use the dark main fabric as the binding to hold it all in.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see the dark fabric has writing all over it reflecting Fall, family, love....I am going to put flannel on the back and use it as my cozy quilting in the great room.

...and so, the final day and a half of retreat was spent prepping wool blocks.  I have been wanting to start on my Christmas Gathering quilt for a couple of years.  I thought these blocks would be the perfect ones to take with me on our Fall camping trip.  I prepped all 12 of them and my goal is to have these done by the time we get back home.  Then I will tackle al the setting blocks.

I'll have a couple of slide shows this week starting tommorw so stay tuned!