Friday, September 26, 2014

Reviewing the Week, TGIF!

I liked this movie although it wasn't on HH's top 10 list.  I like the historical nature of the movie.  And, it did stimulate conversation between us on politics, relationships, the news media...and I can guarantee if FDR had to deal with today's media our world would look very different.

This book was interesting and my first Amy Bloom book, I copied a review from Amazon because the reviewer did an excellent write up of the I am on to the next read, :)

"At first, I thought "Lucky Us" was such an odd and ironic title for a depressing tale of two sisters and how they learn about shallow, backstabbing people and how easy it is to contribute to the destruction of others' hearts and lives. I didn't get hooked on the story or the characters until around halfway in, and that is when I began to understand the title and the point of the story (no matter how grim, or how dishonest, disappointing, disastrous a life or lives may seem, there is always a chance, and always hope, that there are better times and happier moments ahead - maybe right around the corner - or maybe years away; also, if you have one person in the world who loves you and who you can love, you should consider yourself lucky, because such love is not guaranteed in any life)."

I did it!!!  I really, really DID IT!!!!  I finished my 2011 Primitive Gathering BOW which is now a BOM on their website.  I did not put the piano key border on the outside because it would have made the quilt to large for the wall where it will be hanging.  Instead I made a piano key binding!  I love out it turned out and am especially happy with the quilting which was done by Sandy Lachowski who quilts from BJ's Quilt Basket!

The Oregan desert is spectacular!

I don't know...there is something about camping even in a little trailer that makes you sleep like a baby.  Have a great weekend and see ya back here on Monday!