Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hump Day...

That is what we called it when HH was working...making it through the week and once Wednesday was passed it was clear sailing to the weekend.  Lots of activity in the homes going up, crisp mornings and boy, was the wind ever blowing yesterday!  The neighborhood landscaper is still hard at work.  When he saw me taking his photo from my sewing room he said, "Hey, what are you looking at...I'm trying to work here!"

Then he squatted and took a piss!  How rude...well, it was rude for me to have documented it but I think peeing on the job in public...well, it is just wrong!  He was too far away but I think he was saying...privacy please!

I loved this is so me!  How about you?  When I was 16 my sister gave me a note pad for my birthday that was labeled the procrastinators list....hummm...I think I am better now but someday I AM going to be AWESOME!

Last night was a perfect evening...watching America's Got Talent with HH, stitching wool and a really sweet dog sound asleep.  What is your perfect evenig?