Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fabric Stalkers ~ Girlfriends

This isn't all of us...3 were in and out over the weekend and 2 were out of state at the time.  What can I say that you haven't heard a million times. But, for the new Woolie readers we are a group of Nurses, Doctor and 1 brave non medical soul who have for the most part been quilting together since the mid 90's.  We have supported each other through child rearing, marriages, divorces, illness, death and now we are entering that time of life where some of us are retired and some of us are getting close to retirement.  If you do not belong to a quilt group there is something very nurturing about this type of girlfriend time.  It does take commitment, empathy, forgiveness and love...but, the reward can be such a blessing.  Going on retreat does not mean you have to go far...just far enough away from your day to day life that you can land in a space of support, love and quilting.  Some of the Fabric Stalkers were only 5 miles from home!  Everyone brings food we share and we also take turns with preparing dinners.  When a break is needed 2, 3 or 4 will pick up and go for a walk.  Flexibility is key. 

I am finding as I get older that girlfriend time is a requirement...much like a required prescription for well being.  That as we need a doctors check up,  mammogram, colonoscopy...we need girlfriend time, ROFLOL...I guess I shouldn't put girlfriends after colonscopies, LOL

The interesting part of retreat is that I can get 10 times the quilting done there as at home.  And so, i like to take at least one project that has been languishing in my sewing room.  You do have to be careful because with all the laughter and snorting you can be ripping out as much as stitching...Robin found this out.

Enjoy the slide show of what went on at the Fabric Stalkers Fall Quilt Retreat and take a hint...get some girlfriends together and plan some time together!!!

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