Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BQ2 aka Big A** Quilt

The best thing about hitting the road is seeing places you have never seen before.  I would have never guess after crossing a desolate area from Boise to Provo that Salt Lake City was this big!!  We cruised on by!

We did make a trek to Sundance....what a beautiful area for the Sundance Film Festival and the restaurant was beautifully rustic.

There was a quilt hanging between the resturant and gift shop constructed with cotton, silk and upholstery fabric by Kara DiOrio

Finally, I wanted to show you my latest finish!  It is huge...so huge it wouldn't even fit on my Handi Quilter!  So off to Mike it went.  I visited Mike back in May and posted a blog about the Cascade Quilter (click this link to read about him).  I told him then that I would eventually be bringing him a big one! Finally I got it done...it is a special quilt because I had been collecting indigo/Asian fabric for a long time knowing one day I would find the perfect pattern to display them.  The BQ2 by Maple Island Quilts is the perfect pattern to display fabrics!  

After consulting with Mike I decided on an all over Baptist Fan pattern and it worked out perfectly!

I loved all these prints but I especially like that I put the blue ribbon fabric in the quilt...that one was saved from some curtains I made for HH's office several years ago and when they built a new office and the curtains were not needed I put the fabric back in my stash!! LOL

Hope you are fitting in some stitch time!