Monday, September 22, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop!

I was invited last week to join in the Around the World Blog Hop by Pam who shares her life on Mama Spark's World.  I was to answer 4 questions and link to an additional 3 bloggers that I thought you would enjoy!  Be sure to check out Pam's blog...she always is up to something, lol.

1.  What am I working on?

Well, this is a simple question with a complicated answer since I have 20+ Project boxes.  But my favorite project which is usually my current project is Home for the Holidays by Primitive Gatherings.

2.  How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

Since I don't consider myself an artist it is much like most quilters.  I buy a pattern I like and make it...kind of like cooking...I can cook but a chef I ain't, lol

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?  

I write a blog because I like to write.  I like the connection to other quilters around the world.  And for all our differences culture, religion, race and politics we are bound by the love of quilting.   I create because I am addicted and there isn't a 12 step program for quilters!

4.  How does my writing/creative process work?

My writing process I liken to a frog sitting very still and a fly buzzes by...with the flick of the tongue it's writing is like that...I get an idea and run with it.  As for quilting...well, it usually starts with a girlfriend saying, "hey, look at this!"  Then I get said pattern and all the fabric that goes with it because god forbid I should use my stash!!!  Then I put it in my sewing room to ferment the required amount of time before I rediscover the purchase and make it!

I decided to challenge myself by not just picking blogs on my blog roll but something a little different...But, of course I couldn't pass up one of my favorites.  Sweet P (Paulette) home base is north of the border although she does spend her winters cavorting around Southern in way south.  She basically loves all that I what is not to love???  She is prolific and hangs with a bunch of quilters who are as creative as she is!!  

On a whim I decided to include a blog that is different than a quilting blog.  Jennifer Lake is a neighbor of mine.  Her paintings are collected world wide and she has recently launched several stores which carry her work on a variety of products...and get can also print her work on fabric!!!  She is also launching a store that will sell quilt related art work :)  There are wonderful gift ideas on her blog!

I wanted to get myself out of my self contained project box and introduce a new blog...A Quilted Passion.  This blog is written by Zenia who is living in Arizona.  She is refreshing and inspiring...since I am older and set in my ways I am hoping that her blog will inspire me to new height!

Enjoy the blog hopping and I hope you are inspired by all that you discover!


  1. It's so fun to read about you...I cracked up at the fermenting fabric! LOL

  2. Fun post and fun learning more about you.