Thursday, September 11, 2014

50 Shades of Quilting.... is shocking I know...but the last 3 days I have not taken 1 stitch!!!  Why you ask...well, we went to Portland to celebrate our oldest sons birthday and on the way over the mountain HH started getting sick.  Prone to sinus infections he ended up with a doozy.  Which meant I had to be on my game 24/7...nana duty, Enzo duty, HH duty and family dinner duty.  It makes you appreciate when there are 4 hands to take care of things.  And so, my stitchery remained in a bag by my chair.  I do think it might have had a fairly decent time, after all it got to ride over the mountain and back...I am sure though it would have felt better had I at least...(get ready for it) fondled it a bit.  This is what is called 50 Shade of Quilting.

Flexibility is required to be a quilter and thus the Fabric Stalker Beach Retreat has been changed to the Quiet River Fall Retreat.  What this means is we are saving a whole lot of money as we were intending to stop at some new places on the way over.  On the flip side...we will have a whole lot more stitching time because it is 30 mintues to Quiet River as opposed to the 4+ hour driving time to the coast.

I still can't make my mind up on what projects I want to take...we'll talk more tomorrow...I know I will have a whole bunch of rational reasons on why I chose what I did...but for now I need to go up and pick some projects!