Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Still Talking About...

...the WEEKEND!

Sisters Country has been insane!  The August activities are in full swing with vacationers trying to fit in that last bit of fun before fall arrives, school starts and for families the routine begins.  You sometimes forget what is going on because tucked back in our little neighborhood it is so quiet...except for the rowdy neighbors down the street, LOL  They have the most awesome view from their second floor deck and host Friday night dinners for a variety of guests.  Last Friday another neighbor, Jennifer, HH and I were guests for a wonderful trout dinner (caught locally) and a competitive game of pool.

Here I am with my competition Jennifer Lake.  I have added her blog to my blog roll because you are going to want to check out her different gallery sites...especially, the Christmas store because you know there are only 134 days till Christmas!  Did I say that??!! 

Over the weekend my sister arrived in Bend and you know what that means...the sisters have been playing!  We hit the Art Fair in Sunriver, had dinner at the KoKanee Cafe in Camp Sherman, movies and just catching up on each others lives!  Although we have a view of the mountains my sister can look out her window and see a balloon landing in the winery!  La Vita e bella!

I think I have gone quilt bonkers...because while HH and Enzo were gone I was a prepping demon!  I am especially proud of this one because it was not a kit. I picked the wool out of my stash!!!...which is another blog post! Let's talk about that tomorrow...shall we?