Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reets' Rags To Stitches

Reets is in my top 5 favorite wool designers.  My favorite WOOL designers include a long and expensive list, lol...but, she is a sweet and lovely person who definitely in the top 5!  Her designs are unique and the colors are wonderful.  Dyeing wool is a art all by itself and the colors that she achieves are just so yummy.

Reets in her booth at Quilt Knit Stitch

I would be hard pressed to figure out a design category to place her I have decided that there are 3 categories of Wool designs, Primitive, Modern and 
Reets, lol

Remember in the Vendor slide show I told you to that Santa pillow would be a future blog...

Well,  I finished mine!!! and I love it!  The motif stitching was a piece of cake...wonderful design, beautiful wool (out of my stash :) and I decided to take out the ribbon and add snowflakes.  I used a little of my Clinque blush on Kris Kringle.

Putting the pillow together...well that was another event altogether!  I chose some woolie flannel for the back but knew that it would have a hard time standing up to the heavier wool.  So, I decided to take all the little pieces of Pellon SF 101 and fuse them to the back side.  Perfect use of all those pieces I had saved :)

Not being an experienced pillow creator I placed wrongs sides together and sewed all the way around leaving about a 6 inch opening at the bottom in which to stuff my pillow form through with the intention of hand stitching it closed. wouldn't fit.  I rolled it up, practically sat on it to keep it tightly rolled...but, who would have thought that a 12 inch pillow form would be stronger than a mature quilter!!!  Then I noticed a zipper in one end of the pillow form and realized that someone in China probably on an assembly line said,

rough translation, "hey, quilter in United States is not going to know how to get this pillow form to fit in pillow, put zipper in." And so I unstuffed the pillow form, put a zippered bag in the pillow, restuffed, closed the zipper and stitching it closed. I could have just bought a bag of stuffing and stuffed the pillow. While doing this I swear I could hear someone laughing on the otherside of the world!

Anyhoo, the pillow is done...I love it and I have one more piece of stitchery ready for my holiday deocrating!