Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Peace & Not So Quiet...

 I sought to have a day of peace and quiet...one where I could be in my sewing room without the day to day issues intruding. I seem to have hit a wall and all the smoke in the air was making my asthma flare up.  I needed a new book on CD and returned my latest finish...but, alas the library had new hours and was closed on Sunday and Monday.  Which meant it was a Justin Timberlake kind of sewing day!

You might wonder why...I have a photo of my lawn on the blog.  When we got back from Portland it was mowed down in a weird way and stood out like a sore thumb.  I thought, "we might have a disease."  What I didn't know was HH saw it also and thought..."hummm, the bear is back."  The bear is back??!!!  I did not know that bear eat grass much like a lawn mower, lol.  Then, yesterday as we sat on the front porch I said there was a big pile of poop on the side of the house and I can't figure out how big the dog had to be to have made it!?  HH walks over and said...bear scat...that is who ate the grass.  Living on the edge of the wild side is interesting.  No wonder our laid back Enzo was carrying on.

Since Justin Timberlake was rockin' the sewing room I decided to make another Halloween block.  These blocks take about an hour to cut out with all the little pieces and at least a couple of hours to piece...1 block.  They are so cute!  I still have 3 more blocks and the border to put together...there is a glimmer of hope that it will be done by Halloween???

So, tell me...what music does your sewing room rock too???