Monday, August 4, 2014

Life is A Chair of Bowlies...

For as long as I can remember I had a great desire to experience the world...I have pondered what it felt like to play a grand piano on stage (did it)...climb the top of a mountain (did it) a marathon (did it), run on the Great Wall of China (did it) list is long and crazy.  But, I am finding now ~ that I want to experience life in a more committed way.  What does it take to not just climb a mountain but be a mountain climber?  Not just run a marathon but be a runner???  This past weekend I had several moments where I wondered...what does it take??? build a tunnel under a mountain???  So, I don't have to drive my car!
(Max Tunnel) stitch a tapestry by large, 
I couldn't get it to fit in my camera frame!

to fight the fight... create a perfect body...that is not perfect

to survive

The above 4 photos are from the "Garden is Art" Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.  The exhibit included actual sculptures from the Tuileries Garden, photography, paintings and tapestries. All of which survived 2 World Wars!

We were on the go the entire weekend and due to exhaustion decided to come back to Sisters a day earlier.  The sky line was covered with smoke from the latest round of fires.  But, it still was nice to come back to the quiet.

I did get a little stitching done.  I thought I had finished August Bertie when I posted it on Facebook.  But, it was pointed out to me that I hadn't done the  stitching around the border!  And, I hadn't stitched my little Bee!  Now it is ready for quilting :)  My quilt buddies keep me honest!

What do you have planned for this first full week of August?  
Can you believe it?!