Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm A Quilter Hear Me Roar!!!

Some days just stand out!  The people you hang with, the conversations, the stitching.  Yesterday was such a day.  The sweetness of the day seems to invigorate me to a higher level of productivity and I am grateful for the people in my life...they take me to new levels of introspection.

Yes, this is an empty project box!!!!!!  One of the ways I organize my sewing room is with these project boxes.  I have over 20 boxes with one project in each. Anytime I go on retreat or quilt group I can grab a box and everything needed to finish the top of a quilt is in the box. They are in various stages of completion...UFO's...WIP's.  When a box goes empty it is a celebration...and the box waits for the next project to be started.   

...and here is the completed top!!!  I love it!!!  I realllllly want to send it out to be quilted but it is only a wall hanging and I can hear Blogless Sandy (my quilt conscious) telling me that this needs hand, I have layered it and am ready to start hand quilting.