Friday, August 22, 2014

Handi Friday!!!

Yesterday was a BIG day!  My Handi Quilter was delivered and set up by Bill from Cynthia's Sewing Center.  I have been a customer of Cynthia's since the 90's...along with her husband Jerry a former Portland firefighter turned sewing machine repair and support person.  And now, I am a customer of their son Bill.  Cynthia and Jerry are now manning the Las Vegas stores while Bill runs the Bend shop which is currently located inside of BJ's Quilt Basket but will be moving to their own expanded space in Scandia Plaza in Bend.

The Handi Quilter is so popular that Bill has been assembling them left and right. Which means he can put them together while conversing, lol.

putting on some finishing fixtures...and you see all those tops hanging there waiting to be quilted!!! 

A proud owner and soon to be UFO-less, LOL you think that could really happen?

I have a ways to go but here are my very first doodles.

look at my kitty!

My brain was so full due to all the information from Bill and my practice pieces that I had to take a nap, lol...and then I just wanted to work on something small.  I layered, quilted and bound my sweet little Halloween candle mat from Buttermilk Basin

No book of the week...I am almost done with my lastest read but need another day.  But, HH and I watched a wonderful 2011 movie I got from the library called The Way.  A Woolie 5 star movie! Staring Martin Sheen and directed by his son.  Enjoy, have a great weekend and see you back here Monday!