Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bull S**t is the story of HH and Enzo.  Last weekend was the weekend of the Super Moon.  All was quiet in the desert except for the howling and yipping of the coyotes. 

HH and Enzo hiked over a rise  only to run into about a 5,000 lb bull!  OK, we don't really know how much it weighed because he wouldn't stand on a scale.  Anyhoo, Enzo is oblivious but, the bull was zero'd in on Enzo and started trotting towards him.  Ground shaking, HH saw a small grove of tightly packed pines and thought he might be able to make it into the trees...but, luckily decided the bull might be faster...and, then there was the fact that he would have to turn his back and run.  Plus Enzo still was oblivious, lol.  Well this actually wasn't funny as HH said he'd rather face a cougar or bear than a bull!

HH didn't stop and take this photo but it is like the bull that was interested in Enzo.  Back to the story...quick thinking...HH took his walking stick and swung it above his head and the baffle made a whistling sound.  2 things happened...1st Enzo stopped and looked at him...wondering why the heck he was swinging his walking stick and still clueless...2nd the bull, stopped short...confused by the action he made a right turn and ran off.  As he ran off  HH realized there is no way he could have outrun the bull.

So, here is our clueless sweet Enzo who carried half the desert home with him about to get a bath...

...and here he is all cleaned up and still clueless :)

I far no quilting but here is a little tidbit...HH had to go into town for a hearing test and I went along in case they wanted to get my OPINION, lol.  When he came out of the restroom at the office he said there were a bunch of quilts in the men's room...and you know...there were!

Tomorrow I have a movie review to share!