Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yesterday I pondered the moments that are missed with all the rushing around and pseudo deadlines we place on ourselves.  Gotta get this done, gotta get that done...gotta make a list of things I need to get done...need to make a UFO list...What the beegeebeezzzz is all this stress...when all a quilter wants to do is have fun!  So, I relaxed and spent the afternoon with the Woolies.  I have so missed them!  I am giving up my lists...I am giving up my rules...and, I am going to just relax in my sewing room.  After all, it is supposed to be a place to retreat from the worlds woes.  Like a secret garden but with fabric, lol.

I decided to take my needle case wool project.  It seems if you don't practice was you learned in class you forget?!  So having these little projects available in a pick up and go case is perfect!  I am almost satisfied with this one and will be putting it all together.

Enjoy the short slide show of what the Woolies are working on...the group was so joyful and busy.  I am always inspired and there is nothing like a 
good belly laugh 
to heal 
the soul!

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