Thursday, July 10, 2014


This week is craaaazy....the weather has been HOT...the sunsets stunning...the number of quilters in town is in the trillions lol...well, I do exaggerate but, not by much.  I was invited to dinner at a neighbors and thought it was going to be just her, her husband and me...but instead seated at the beautifully set table were like...8 or 9 quilters!!!  and then when I got home I saw across the creek that the Twisted Sisters were unpacking there car and I swear after the fabric and machines were taken inside the van must have risen 6 inches, lol.

Just imagine all the quilters in town what their brains might be thinking....

I missed the QuiltWorks Gallery exhibit but was able to stop by this week and make you a great slide show!  The local quilters are amazing!  
Enjoy and we see you tomorrow!
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